Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tainted Chinese Milk affects other products

Just when you thought you'd be safe so long as you avoided milk from China, there is breaking news that authorities have found other products made with Chinese milk that have also been found to be contaminated by melamine.

So far, Singapore has identified 3 products to be contaminated (remember, it applies only to China-made ones):
  • Dutch Lady strawberry flavoured milk
  • Yili Choice Dairy Fruit Bar Yogurt Flavoured Ice Confection
  • White Rabbit milk candy (I used to and still love this sweet!!!)
There's even an SMS going around expanding on that list to cover a whole bunch of international brand, China-made chocolates too. So far, I haven't seen any news reports substantiating that SMS, but be on a look out ya... better be safe than sorry!

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Anonymous said...

The New Zealand dairy giant is in a whole lot of mess now regarding this issue. They owns 43% share of San Lu. Although they are the one who brought the scandal to light, the board of directors is under scrutiny as of why did it take so long for them to speak out. It's a hot issue over here right now.

sting said...

the white rabbit candy too? oh, I loved that too... there goes a bit of my childhood.. sigh..

oh, as for the digital radio, nope sadly it's not here yet as far as I know..

and had sent you an email on behalf of my bro... thx :-)

Center Parted said...

Hi CC, thanks for that unique insight. Over here, we actually don't hear much about the NZ company's involvement in the scandal. I guess its on everybody's mind right now, on how something that got found out back in August, only became public now.

And, are kids only starting to get seriously ill now, or have they already been, but the news was never picked up or got blocked?

Too many questions, to may unneeded tragedies!

Center Parted said...

Sting, yeah, its takes some digesting doesn't it?

How could something that seemingly wholesome and innocent be carrying something so deadly!?!

On the radio--- aah, it figures!
Yes, got your mail and attachment!