Saturday, September 6, 2008

More robots (Part 2)

Hello there folks, the fun robot trivia is back!!

Hopefully this lineup is more fun for you ... lets see how many you can get right this time.... and then we can find out who's the ultimate robot geek! OK, OK, if you're not too proud of that title... then we'll just keep it low key, how about that? :)


#13 -- Its the first ever robot capable of running too!

#14 -- Way cool when she dipped her hand into the boiling water.....

#15 -- Harro! Too bad they've discontinued its development

#16 - No list is complete without these two blokes!!

#17 - Complete with extra dense alloy and independent processor

#18 - Bidibidibidibidi (anybody ever figured out what he is saying??)

#19 - "And I'll form the head!"

#20 - "I may be synthetic, but I'm not stupid"

#21 - If he fights Angels, does that make him the Devil?

#22 - You have to be really, um, grown up, to know this one!

#23 - The original model -- nothing fancy, but it works!

#24 - Wait till you see me fly! Hint - I talked about it in Part 1

So there you have it.... 2 dozen fine specimens of Robots!! Its quite a shame only 3 amongst the 24 are real. So start posting your comments, and see if you can name these remaining 12!

I'm quite sure I must have missed out some other note-worthy mechs. Oh ya, like the Mechwarriors or the kid from AI. Do let me know too, if there are others which you feel strongly about that was not included in this lineup.

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Anonymous said...

Ok, there' the one from Honda, and then some from Kawasaki, Suziki??

And then gidigidigidi whachamacallit from Battlestar.

3CPO and R2D2 from Star Wars! Yea, did i get that right?

And then the robot from Will Smith's movie, can't remember name.... of movie that is.

ok, done, that's it, end of competition, move on, next topic...

Anonymous said...

Okay, I see irobot, transformers, alien. I suck so much. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hmm, only know #13 - asimo?, #16 ( i think most ppl do!), #17-irobot and #20-robocop...

I think i improved compared to the last competition...yaaay :)

What's the prize??? LOL

Anonymous said...

Err, Jay, I think last word belongs to Robotboy who has yet to post.

Come to think of it #20 is from Aliens la.

CP, we should do this more often. Perhaps next round is, "Name Your MPs". That will send the popularity of this Blog over the roof! haha

sting said...

#13 Asimo (Honda)
#14 she-hulk
#15 Asimo's distant cousin
#16 C3PO & R2D2
#17 from I-robot
#18 from Buck Rogers
#19 Voltron
#20 too ugly to be a robot LOL!
#21 from Evangelion
#22 lost in Space?
#23 Gundam
#24 Macross Skull Leader] Roy Focker model

love to claim credit for this but the answers ALL came from Mr Gundam! *grin*

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm back!
WLE, eat your heart out! :-)

#13: Sting is right
#14: The chick in Blade Runner
#15: Qrio from Sony
#16: Sting is right
#17: Sonny or Sunny from iRobot
#18: Bikki? or Vikki? Or Silly?
#19: Sting is right
#20: Hicks or Hudson or something from ALIENS
#21: EVA 01
#22: I think Sting is right
#23: Model 901 or something?
#24: Valkyrie (Sting, he actually belongs to someone?)

Anonymous said...

CP, seriously, Name your MPs next.

Can't let Robotboy walk away with these next time...

Center Parted said...

WLE, sure can do. But I'd have to find a technological angle on that first!

Any ideas?

Top 3 ministers likely never to have surfed the net, yet doesn't stop them from talking about how vital the 'information superhighway' is to the masyarakat?