Thursday, September 11, 2008

BOOM - an early LHC success story

This my friends, is a simulated picture of the first ever successful proton stream collision at the LHC. It happened yesterday, on day 1 of LHC's operations. The success of getting the world's largest (and most expensive) scientific equipment up and running so quickly surprised even the most optimistic physicists working on it!

Oh yeah, and no accidental black hole resulted from it. DUH! We wouldn't be reading this if that happened, right?

Read more about this first experiment here (also contains a really cool video on how the LHC works, narrated in an equally cool accent!).

BTW, not everybody agrees with the LHC plan as well -- although I think the writer meant it as a satire. Read about that here.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing! 99.9998% speed of light! "7 teraelectronvolts"

You reckon we'll see "Screamyx" at even a minuscule fraction of that speed soon? Cause I was struggling to watch that video from NS.