Monday, September 1, 2008

Robot Trivia #1 - The answers and results

The 'contest' is over, finally! And wow, what a non-event. :(

(Alton, Mr Gundam, where art thou?)

Looks like either the robots I'd picked are way too obscure, or this subject is just not your cup of tea. I'm seriously wondering if I should go through with part 2!?!? That's meant to be slightly more challenging ... i.e. likely more obscure!

Anyway, a MILLION THANKS to those of you who participated. Hope it was fun for you. Unfortunately (or may be, fortunately), nobody was geek enough to get all of the questions right... but there were a few good attempts. I'll announce the 'winner' at the end of this post.

But in the mean time, for those of you who are dying to know just what or who those familiar-looking characters are, but can't quite place them, here they are again, in the same order...

#1 - Astroboy by Osamu Tezuka... came out as a comic (manga) in the 50's and then had his own cartoon series (anime) in the 60's... look out for the brand new CGI movie in theaters near you in the future.

#2 - B9 from the 60's SciFi TV series, Lost in Space.

#3 - Cylon Centurion from the 80'x TV series, Battlestar Gallactica. Remember, the constant pain in the rear for Starbuck (the pilot, not the coffee joint) and Apollo?

#4 - Commander Data, from Star Trek: The Next Generation TV series. He was the logic-driven advisor to Captain Picard as Spock was to Captain Kirk (original Star Trek TV series).

#5 - The Daleks, bad guys from arguably the most successfuly British sci-fi TV serial, Dr. Who. Its also *the* longest-running sci-fi TV serial in the world. Their favourite word: Exterminate!

#6 - ED-209, the highly-lethal but buggy law enforcement droid (i.e. 'ED') in Robocop. As dumb and as clumsy as they may be, you still won't want to mess with those 2 pairs of machine guns!

#7 - Aah... the Fembots from Austin Powers... I think these ladies pack both a pair of machine guns and flame-throwers! Gentlemen, you 'd want to be very careful with them!!

#8 - The Iron Giant, from the full-length movie of the same name. I didn't expect many to get it right... but if you love a good movie with 'soul', and don't mind feeling soppy at the end, this is the show, you *must* see this movie! The director is Brad Bird -- same guy who did the Incredibles and Ratatouille!!

#9 - Johnny-5 from Short Circuit, the military robot that achieve self-awareness when he got his circuits zapped by lightning. Doesn't Wall-E look similar to him?

#10 - An obscure robot from an equally obscure movie. This is Marvin, the clinically depressed and pathologically paranoid robot from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. That movie was almost as brilliant as the original BBC radio series, but sadly didn't do well at the box office.

#11 - Mazinga-Z (マジンガーZ)... or Tranzor Z to the North Americans. Created by Go Nagai, and had its fair share of popularity as both a manga and anime TV series in the 70's.

#12 - Megatron, in his original form from the first of many Transformers TV series. Leader of the Decepticons, the bad guys who always almost kick the butts of the softie good guys, the Autobots.

OKAY, so there you have it, all 12 of the robots, named and shamed! :)

And the WINNER IS ROBOTBOY (yay, yay, cheer!!!) He/she didn't get all of them right... but frankly, I think I liked some of the alternate names given as answers... bubblehead, LOL!

Should I still continue with Part 2 soon? Would the world care? Would it help achieve world peace and fight world hunger? Naah.... it would just be pointless but fun -- for me, at least!

I should probably get back to blogging about some useful tech in the mean time.... Cheers!

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Anonymous said...

With a name like that, god knows who can beat Robotboy on the trivia.

I'll have to google harder on trivia no. 2!

Center Parted said...

Ha ha, WLE. So long as its still fun... so long as its still fun :)

Anonymous said...

Bring on part! Fun is what the world needs right now. :D

Anonymous said...

Ya know it beb!

sting said...

so sorry didn't take part... was bit busy with balik-ing kampung and a few million things to do... :-)

A couldn't figure out #9 & #10 I think but he was bit tied up with work woh (got important meeting this week)... think he'll join next.

yeah you should go for part 2. i could link a post to it too :-) oh, you may wanna do a trivia on food.. that is one topic that sure will attract ppl.. hehe