Sunday, September 28, 2008

Digital Convergence

I've been down with a bad throat these couple of days. Throw in a mild fever and body ache, and my weekend's pretty much stuffed. So what's a guy to do when he can't take his kids out for the usual weekend spin or swim?

The boys have been very understanding ... and between catching up on some school work, a couple of siestas, their sunday school and a bit of PSP, they were actually quite happy to stay at home!

As for me, it was a good excuse to catch up on some office work, some Astro and to check out the blogsphere. You'd be amazed at the interesting things you find people talk about! From games, to papayas, to recyclable wallets.

Then I spotted this advertisement featured in WongPK's blog.

This talks about Microsoft Surface, a combo of Vista-driven PC hiding behind a touch-sensitive display. It still remains to be seen if this product will take off the way the add envisions it, but wow, can you imagine if it really worked?

What a concept!

5 commented:

Anonymous said...

Wow, the Microsoft Surface looks so cool....but yet another Microsoft product???

Nessa said...

Hi Center Parted! Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment in my blog, much appreciated :)

Hope your throat feels better. I'm curious about those papayas and recyclable wallets you mentioned :)

Have a great week ahead!

Center Parted said...

Hey Jay, welcome back!

Yeah, know what you mean... but you never can tell, perhaps they may have come up with a winner this time?

Center Parted said...

Hi ya Nessa,

Nice blog you have there... and thanks for the well wishes. Am feeling better now!

The 'papaya' article is really interesting... and the idea of recycling buntings into hip looking wallets is really a good one. Do check out the links if you haven't already :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Center Parted!

Thanks for dropping by. I'm glad that you like the idea on the wallet. :)

I actually thought you have a center-parted hairstyle until I read your intro up there. :D

Hope you are getting better now, and happy holidays! :)