Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Malaysia and Singapore bands milk-based products from China

The situation has worsened as more reports surface about the impact of the melamine tainted milk from China.

Damage so far?
  • 53,000 children reported ill
  • 104 classified as critical
  • 3 deaths -- so far
How did it get into the milk?
  • Milk farmers water-down the milk so they can sell more
  • They add in melamine to fool tests into showing the watered-down milk is still high in protein
  • The milk passes tests and gets distributed and made into milk powder, yogurt, chocolates etc....
Malaysia and Singapore have started banning milk-based products from China, as a precautionary measure. Many of you would have received SMSs warning people about a whole list of branded candies. I have my doubts on those, especially if they are not made in China, or made with Chinese milk.

Still.... here are some reports on what our government is doing: here , here and here

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Anonymous said...

As usual, may meddlers just have to jump in to make the situation worse and instill fear in people.

According to the news here, the NZ board of directors in the company found out about the issue a month back and was frantically trying to get san lu to recall the products and making reports to the district authorities, all to no avail. At the end, their went to NZ prime minister Helen Clark. She informed and central government of China and uncovered the whole thing. The government here is trying to help prevent those NZ directors in china from being prosecuted, but in my opinion, they've got to know this much earlier! Something smells fishy here.

Center Parted said...

Its just terrible that innocent children are being made to pay for the greed of the farmers and the negligence of the milk companies!

In the old china of barely 10 years ago, heads would have rolled for such a crime...