Friday, September 12, 2008

The day justice died

Today we take a break form talking technology, and observe a minute of silence, to mourn the death of justice.

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Anonymous said...

Resurrection of the devils.

To be honest with you, I couldn't sleep the whole night thinking about the events that unfolded throughout the day, with breaking news coming in right until almost midnight.

Hopefully this is just the beginning of the end.... Hopefully Justice will be served.

Ironically technology, specifically the internet, is part of the medium to facilitate the return of Justice to this land that we call Home....

So don't take a break

Anonymous said...

It has been dying of a slow death from long time ago. Let's hope it can be revived.

CheeWee said...

I was furious and angry when I heard the news. Shoot the messenger & not the culprit? Please stop insulting our intelligence. Don't talk if u r too stupid to talk!

Center Parted said...


Break over, back to blogging!
1 is released another 2 more to go. Am hoping that justice and plain common sense and decency will prevail and those who had not wronged are released.

And as for the mail culprits, well, who the heck cares what happens to them.

In the not so distant end, they have their personal God -- or Karmic Retribution or whatever divine wrath they believe in -- to contend with when their time has come.

Enough talk and time wasted on these people already!!

Center Parted said...


Too true, behind this facade of 'Malaysia Boleh', we have a slow rot, a moral cancer that has been festering and growing.

Those who embrace it are eventually corrupted, and those who voice against it, eventually silenced.

Suddenly, the grass over at NZ looks much, much greener!!!

Center Parted said...


The Rakyat had shown its displeasure on the state of affairs on 8th March.

Obviously, we had not shown it loud and clear enough.

Instead for focusing on fixing the root cause and regaining the Rakyat's faith, the unfortunate some have decided to focus their attention on doing whatever in the political playbook to disparately cling on to remaining vestiges or illusions of power.

Janji janganlah sampai rakyat yang mati di tengah-tengah akibat pertarungan gajah!