Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy 51st Birthday Malaysia!!!

Happy Birthday my dear homeland

Merdeka -- we commemorate the struggles of our forefathers
Merdeka -- we commemorate our freedom and independence

Yet today, the struggle continues against 'new' enemies
Enemies within our country, not without

Yet today, we continue our fight against agents of destruction
Agents of disunity and chaos .... against You --

Ignorance, prejudice, complacency
Intolerance, false-pride, mediocrity --

You and your ilk are not true Malaysian Values
You are our true enemy, and we are still slaves to You

Real independence will only be upon us
When we, as a nation, have rid ourselves of You!

Happy birthday Malaysia
Let our struggles continue...

2 commented:

Anonymous said...

Happy Merdeka! Struggles, tears, sweats and fight for freedom, it's what victory is made out of.

Anonymous said...

Almost all who once learn that I came back to Malaysia after spending almost a decade overseas, their first question is inevitably, "Why come back?"

There may be many reasons why I should just stayed out there. But there's one compelling reason why I should not, "This is where I call home."

Where I can just pop on a cup-chai to the nearby mamak,

Where I can use as many "lahs" as I wish without people wondering what I talk about,

Where I can walk about without feeling that I'm at other's place.

This is my home.

I sometimes rant about things that pisses me off about Malaysians. But at the end of the day, ask yourself whether you have been a responsible citizen.