Friday, August 29, 2008

Robot trivia -- intermission

OK, OK, just in case some of you have had an overdose of robots, here's a breather.... some more of the fun pix from Ai Hua, and this time, with scenes from Russia! (I really envy him, gets to travel all over the world.... for e.g. how many of us can claim to have visited Namibia and even seen the source of the Nile?)

Enough envious talk... now on with the pix.

Who would have imagined finding such a romantic view in Moscow?

I have this sudden, unexplainable urge to play Tetris!!

Aren't you itching for Tetris too?

As a kid I loved it when Sesame street showed a stop-motion clip of these dolls moving about having fun!

Hmm, i wonder if this is their version of the Pasar Malam?!

Everybody loves a good sale...

A final word about the robot trivia... Part 1 'contest' ends on Merdeka Day. And I'll be announcing the 'winners'... so if you haven't posted your answers yet, com'mon, quickly!

Stay tuned (or run away if you like) as the next round of Robot Trivia will be back real soon!!

5 commented:

Anonymous said...

I always like to observe how clean other can keep their roads and streets. Looking at the last pix, i'd say pretty clean.

I sign whenever I see the driver in front wind down their car window and nonchalantly throw out a tissue paper on the road....

Center Parted said...

WLE, I totally agree with you. And you've touched on a pet peeve of mine!

It is incomprehensible to me how people can drive around in their cars, and superidiotically (I'm less kind with my words) throw their cigarette buds or any manner of trash out of the window!

Just what goes on in the mind of these neanderthals that they think it perfectly acceptable for them to litter?!?!

This is why our country is described as having 1st world infrastructure but with 3rd world mentality.

Sorry, to say that might even be an insult to some 3rd world countries!!

Anonymous said...

CP, you are right. It's an insult to compare KL to cities like Hochiminh where there streets are much cleaner.

Anonymous said...

CenterParted, You say you don know what they are thinking when they throw rubbish out of their car.

IMHO, you have made a wrong assumption. I think the problem is they are NOT thinking.

Simply throw, no brains.

Either that or they still have monkey brains!

Center Parted said...

Topcat, you may be on to something! For some people, it may actually be easy to chuck junk out of their cars without feeling there's anything wrong with it.