Saturday, August 2, 2008

The ultimate gym in a pill?

Ever wondered if it would be possible to stay healthy, slim and in great shape without needing rigorous exercise? And add that to being able to eat anything you want, yet have your stamina double that of what you previously have?

The WSJ and NY Times have just reported that researchers have discovered two drugs that gives you the same effects as if you've had a good aerobic workout!!

Here are some of the benefits of the drugs:
  • Improved ability of cells to burn fat
  • Body is better at retaining muscle mass
  • Increased stamina and endurance by between 44% to 70%
On top of that, these drugs even show promise in fighting obesity (30% of Americans are obese, 60% are overweight!), protection against diabetes and even muscular dystrophy (you muscles waste away for no reason).

Sounds too good to be true? Yeah, it is -- too good to be true. Sorry to burst your bubble.

These drugs have only so far been tested successful on mice. One of the two drugs are in late-stage human trials -- but have been withdrawn due to toxic side effects.

Already there are fears that these drugs will still find their way into gym lockers where there is a ready market where athletes look for that extra edge over their competitors.

Remember during the 80s when we first heard of performance-enhancing steroids? Those goodies targeted what's called the 'fast-twitch' muscles. These muscles burn sugars, and are the ones responsible for giving us the power and speed for sprints and any activity requiring a burst of energy. Those steroids were bad, remember, as they mess up your kidneys and a bunch of organs.

These new drugs target the 'slow-switch' muscles. These muscles are effective at burning fat, and are the ones that give you sustained performance -- like long jogs and marathons.

If there are sportsmen among you who think "oh I should go out and grab myself some of these GW1516 and Aicar pills (yeah, they're called that) from GlaxoSMithKlien, you better forget it. The guys are already one step ahead of you! They have already developed ways to detect this stuff the same way they test athletes for doping.

AND, if ever you stumble on those 'miracle' fat burners and 'as seen on TV' wonder cures.... be careful you know what you're getting yourself into!

For me, its back to the threadmill, or orbitrek, or a dip in the pool, if ever I feel guilty that I'd downed yet another half-tub of Rum 'n Raisin!

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Anonymous said...

nothing beats the good old way to burn some calories. mine is Gasingtisation... i.e. bukit gasing. They've got some nice trails/tracks.

and no, I'm not from Kelate..

Center Parted said...

Speaking of Gasing Heights, hope DBKL doesn't get their way and chop off a huge chunk!