Saturday, July 19, 2008

Internet at the speed of molasses (Malaysian version)

Pop quiz:

What do you do when you cross broadband with a garden snail?

Dunno? Give up? So quickly?
If you're Malaysian, chances are its staring at you right now... its in your face!

Answer: Streamyx (my ADSL service provider).

As I type this, its been over 120 seconds since I typed in Streamyx's add into a new browser window, and I've yet to see anything. Remember, this is Streamyx's own website!
All I get is this:

Yes, I am severely cheesed off with these guys.

My broadband connection has been on the fritz for the past few days... couldn't VPN back to my office network (which isn't necessarily a bad thing!) ... and doing general surfing was a royal pain in the behind.

Posting or doing anything on Blogspot has been dreadful... with simple pages taking forever to load, and longer still to post. Aaarggh!!! Streamyx, if you continue as you are, you may actually be single-handedly responsible for reviving good old morse code in Malaysia. That would likely have higher data rate than you!!

A search on the internet (again, patience required by the truckloads) shows Streamyx has quite a lot of upset customers! There's even a site called StreamyxSucks!

And here is an example of the neat banners they have made available to get the message across.

Streamyx Sucks

8 commented:

Fishman said...

Well, Maxis broadband sucks too!

Anonymous said...

We all in malaysia ma, everything boleh... broadband 'boleh' means < 54kbps!!

Anonymous said...

How about izzi, has anybody tried that?

Anonymous said...

Here's the trick. Call or go to TM Point. Tell them you want to cancel Streamxy "cepat cepat cause tak boleh tahan oledi!". They'll send a technician to your house to check the speed before agreeing to the cancellation. When the technician comes, keep telling me that your friend who stays next door who subscribes to some other b/band service "manyak cepat lah".

And guess what the TM technician can do? He can call some central control and actually bump up your speed from 1meg to 1.5meg! And all for the same price! I kid you not.

Of course the catch is
1) make sure got alternative b/band service in your area
2) make sure your neighbour is out when technician comes...

Center Parted said...


Many thanks for your tips. It does sound like its worth a try, if I have ready alternatives and am ready to really jump ship.

Like you said, there is risk in it.


Anonymous said...

here we are struggling to get a decent 1mb line, resorting to "creative" means, whilst our good neighbour down south is contemplating streaming DVD down fiber optic lines within 3 years... or was it 2?

Apple said...

Yea..streamyx is so slow, I agree that. So far, the connection at my house is quite good compare to my friend's.

In my office, it's the line is slow and the computer should be displayed in the museum. It really makes me don't feel like working. (I just start working there for one month, don't know I can bare with the situation for how long.)

Adry said...

Simple... STREAMYX SUCKS!!!!

Adry @