Monday, July 7, 2008

Baby Steps 2

I think I'm good friends with Scribefire again :D

Have not yet worked out all the kinks, but at least, it is not arbitrarily dumping my writing. (I wonder if it has a built-in literary critic that decides if the stuff I write is good enough for the 'Net?)

My previous post (My digital eyes pt2) was finally re-written almost entirely on Scribefire, but this time with measured pauses for precautionary saves!! Its with quite a sigh of relieve that I finally managed to get it out. Its no fun trying to talk about the same thing for the 3rd time. And I'm glad that's over and done with!

I'm beginning to think that its all the messing around with the base HTML code, by trying to insert stuff from Technorati and other widgets that got me into trouble in the first place. So, if all things start working smoothly from now on, I suspect I'd eventually owe Scribefire an apology.

I've also just stumbled on the ability to add links. So first thing is to add a link to my bud's blog - Fishdiary Resurrection. Sounds like something to do with Sigourney Weaver's increasingly bad se-se-sequels of the Alien franchise right? No, its something altogether more innocent! Go on, check it out... Fishman talks about his lovely pug Axel, and his (the dog!), um, skin problems, among other things!

Speaking of Alien -- at one time it seems, some folks are figuring out if its worth the trouble to make an Alien-5 movie. I'm an Aliens fan, but gaaaaa.... I really hope if they do, it is going to be something original.

Please! There's that many times you can kill, resurrect, genetically re-engineer, re-kill, hibernate, thaw, cross-breeed, rehibanate and reanimate Ripley man!

Even Newt is old enough to be a grandma by now!!

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