Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Baby steps...

Oooh, I think I'm beginning to really dislike Scribefire!

Philip, a friend of mine who had been blogging for donkey years heard that I too had jumped on the bandwagon. So he kindly suggested that I look into Scribefire. Sure enough it sounded good. And, the large number of positive reviews assured me that this was probably a tool I could benefit from.

The first and only time I used it successfully was absolutely great. Digital Eyes Pt 1 was the output.

This morning, the happy story ended quite abruptly.

I'd spent 2 days writing a fairly long piece of yarn, for what was to be Part 2 of my Digital Eyes. But when I posted that up... the dang thing hung at 'posting'.... and I never got to recover the article. Gone. Just like that.

Fine, lesson learnt, right. Make sure I save periodically.

So I thought I'd post something short first, telling you that I'd lost this long article and have to re-write the whole thing one fine day. That was written quickly and this time around Scribefire told me quite reassuringly that I'd successfully posted the article.

Or so that was what I was told. But when I went in to re-check the post... all was left was the title... and the whole body of text had gone. YIKES.

Having nothing much to blame (except my stupidity for *again* forgetting to save first), I assumed its the fault of the tool. I don't know, I may yet find out the actual cause... but until then, its more therapeutic if I can focus my venom on something that has a name -- Scribefire!!

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