Sunday, July 27, 2008

Best places to buy IT stuff in Malaysia...

Come this August 1st to 3rd, we'll be having our PC fair for the Klang Valley.

For many of us who need to get an upgrade or buy that shiny new 22" wide-screen, that will be *the* event to attend.

Of course if you can't make it to that event, or chose *not* to go because you want to avoid the sardine-packed crowds, there's always the trusty LowYat in KL or Digital Mall in PJ. These IT marts are open 7-days a week and offer good deals if you're game to bargain a bit.

If there are friends coming down from Penang or anywhere out of town, looking for a good place to buy IT stuff, the above would be my usual recommendations.

BUT, are these places really the cheapest in town?

A couple of friends I know actually prefer to get their gear from Ipoh or even Taiping!?! They say that those are the places where the prices are really low. I've been to Ipoh a few times. But it always for the delicious food. But never, ever, for tech! Same for Taiping... lovely town, but never imagine it would be a place to buy cheap tech.

So here's a question to you. Are there Ipohites and Taiping-uh-hites(?) out there who can comment about this? Is it really true that you can get peripherals and stuff at cheaper prices than here in oh-we-are-only-at-7.7%-inflation-KL?


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Anonymous said...

I can tell you where not to buy IT stuff and that's from Kota Bharu...

Unless, of course you're buying a Mac, which should be the same price nationwide...

I dream of iPhone 3G!

CheeWee said...

not possible! these chaps in low yat could slashed prices as they went for volumes.. not sure how these vendors in ipoh can generate the same volume?

Center Parted said...

WLE, okay, noted. Not to buy tech in Kota Bharu!! :)

Are you from there, btw?

I'm not sure about the iPhone 3G. Seems to be still quite handicapped by not having enough 'proper' handphone features!

But the screen and user interface is just AWESOME!

Center Parted said...

My thoughts exactly CheeWee!

Logic would dictate that the higher the volumes the lower the price. But still, there's this niggling thought that perhaps the savings from lower rentals in places like Ipoh would be even more than the volume discount.

So best is find out from the experts -- any Ipohites out there who can confirm or deny this?