Friday, August 15, 2008

Where did all the days go???

Good gosh!! It felt like a blink of an eye, but wow, I'd not been posting for over a week already!!

The past week has been crazy. Very late nights meant absolutely no time to indulge in a bit of story telling or tech-surfing. The rest of the couple of days that I did manage to get home early was spent trying to catch up on some precious ZZsss...

Next week's going to be just as bad (or good, depending on how you look at it, I guess!!) -- will be away during the school holidays... and chances are, where I'm going, it will be pretty hard to find a broadband connection.

Hope to be able to continue posting regularly again real soon.

Until then, take care.... and to those of you pending time with the family during the school holidays.... selamat bercuti and drive safely ya!

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Anonymous said...

Happy holiday to you! :)

Anonymous said...

A week is a long long time in bloggers land.

China welcomed the world with most breath-taking opening ceremony ever. In a week since then China has won more than 25 gold medals!

You know London has a tough (almost herculean) act to follow when the immediate reaction from BBC was first to report London will put on a greater show and to follow up with a sour grape commentary about what's the hullabaloo of the opening ceremony got to do with sports....

May be I should blog, get these out of my chest... on second thoughts, I don't think I have the discipline to maintain a blog for longer than the duration of the olympics.

Have a good hols...whist I get back to playing with the iPhone borrowed from a friend

Center Parted said...

Thanks CC!! Looking forward to it! :)

Center Parted said...

Dear WLE,

I really think if you feel very strongly, you SHOULD blog. From the many messages you've posted here, its clear to me you write well, and I'm sure your blogs would be a fun read.

I really, really loved the Beijing opening ceremony. Sat there the whole night and was open-mouthed in sheer awe .... it was magical!

Yeah, that was my thoughts too -- London would be so stressed out in trying to meet (forget exceed) the sky-high bar set by the Chinese.

Unfortunately that little milli-vanilli thing with the girl soured things a bit, I think.

Tell you what... if you don't feel like starting a blog just to talk about the Olympics, I'd be happy to 'host' your articles here, if you like. :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....interesting proposition. How does that work?

Before that, congratulations to LCW cause I think he did well under the circumstances. Misbun trained him as well as he could but the vociferous Chinese crowd totally annihilated the poor chap from the first point. He had no chance. Even the Malaysian supporters in the Stadium had no chance. Lin Dan's job was then made easier.

All I heard was, "Lin Dan, jia-u!"

Not even a squint of "Malaysia Boleh!"

I'll be damn if S'pore wins the Teams Table Tennis against China tonight. Is the S'porean offering SGD1m each for bringing back Gold?

And what about this Bolt guy? What swagger, what a show-man! He wasn't competing in a 100m final, he was taking a stroll in the park, having a "funnest" time of his life.

"La la la... hey, what's those kids following me for? You want some candy? Come get it. Chop chop before the candy man goes off..."

WHAM! 9.61sec World Record.

To me, this beats Phelps 8 Gold blitz in the pool....anytime.

Center Parted said...

I felt so sad for LCW and for all of us in Malaysia.

A perfectly good match gone down the tubes because he cracked.

Its such a shame because he could have done so much more!!