Sunday, August 3, 2008

Renovation in progress...

Dear folks,

I must apologise that the postings here will be a bit more erratic than usual for the next few days. I'm in the process of 'renovating' this blog -- adding / removing stuff... and also fidgeting with the templates. Among the ideas -- convert to a 3-column layout, and to give the main text column more space.

Also trying to figure out a couple of 'under the hood' issues as well -- like metatags and sitemaps. Yep all the poking around a blog newbie like me need to do... its been confusing but fun!

I admit that I'm still learning new stuff, and having google answer every whim is kinda cool. The only problem is figuring out which are the useful things, and which are best ignored!

Will keep you posted on the changes as and when they happen.

Till then, thanks again for visiting... come again... tata, 再会,and, jumpa lagi!!

2 commented:

Anonymous said...

You'r doing a Tiger. Gone for surgery but come back stronger.

Center Parted said...

Thanks WLE! Your comments are always appreciated :)