Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More robots (Part 1)

Tell you one specific thing about technology that I love -- robots! I have always been fascinated with them -- both real and fictional -- ever since I was a kid.

Yeah, grew up reading Mazinga-Z comic (rocket boosted fists, wow!), and later on, watching videos of Macross/Mospaeda (light years ahead of the Transformer franchise). Do you remember watching on RTM2 the Malay language dubbed Macross? "Bersedia untuk bertukar.... aaar, berdebar betul!! Eh, itu dia, Min Mei!"

I especially love robots with lasers and rockets shooting out of every nook and cranny (think: a fully decked-out battloid, or 'The Sumo'). There's something about opening up a full magazine and letting loose a couple dozen guided missles on some distant enemy. That spells.... G.E.E.K!

At the other extreme end, I also love the more whimsical robots like Doraemon (of course, back then he was just called by his Chinese translated name, 小叮当). He's a mechanical cat who's terrified of mice, sent back from the future to help his owner's loser of a great-great-great-great granddad. He pulls out all manner of inventions from his hyper-dimensional pouch (八宝袋) and almost always manages to save the boy's sorry behind.

Watching Wall-E brought back lots of fond memories of the robots of yesteryears and not too long ago... So I thought it would be fun to dedicate today's post to some of the robots of popular culture. Tell you what, lets have a simple contest, and see who is the first to name all the robots and where they are from.

Post your answers in the comment area... and I'll announce the WINNER in my next post!! The winner goes home with the bragging rights that he/she can out-geek people on robot trivia :)

So, its trivia time.... PART 1. Lets see how many you can get right... Post your answers in the comment section. I'll not publish your answers until this is over... then we'll see who knows their robots more! :)


To get the ball rolling... here's ole Arnie....

#0 - Cyberdyne Systems Series 800/850 model 101 from the Terminator movies

#1 - Oh boy, you should know him right?

#2 - don't get lost looking for him

#3 - Mr hypnotic eyes himself

#4 - Here's looking at you, evil twin!

#5 - Who's that?

#6 - Lay down your weapons... or else!

#7 - Groovy, baby!

#8 - Seriously, you don't want to make him angry!

#9 - Need input....

#10 - Oh what's the point of this trivia!?

#11 - Talk to the fists

#12 - I liked it better as a big gun

Remember.... put in the name of the robot (character) and what movie/series or company is he/she/it from!

So post your answers.... and there'll be PART 2 coming up soon as well.

12 commented:

Anonymous said...

Not good with robots, only the first one, terminator. LOL

I love Doraemon, he reminds the dreams and hopes of my childhood.

Anonymous said...

Hah, this is no contest, for me at least cause I hardly name any of it! Well, except for #12 Deceptecon from Transformer (early years) right?

I mean I've seen the rest but never the name.

Please don't run the next contest on naming different Intel Chips! I'm gonna boycott this blog if you do! haha

Center Parted said...

Dear all, just in case you're wondering, I've temporarily switched on comments moderation so that I can withold publishing your answers until the end of this 'contest'.

Pls keep posting your comments -- you'll see them soon :)

Center Parted said...

CC, LOL! I was wondering if I had chosen way too easy 'questions' for the first batch.... some of my hints are dead giveaways!

But I guess its all about our area of interest.... I'd imagine being absolutely lost if there were a similar competition for, say, flowers, or EPL football teams... I'd be TOTALY lost.


Center Parted said...

WLE, Intel chips huh? I think not only you, even I too would consider banning myself from my on blog, ha ha ha!!

What's the difference between a chip with Celeron or without....

I'm guessing its got either something to do with celery or a floating point unit. Hmm....

ke ke ke

sting said...

hmmm, you know ah.. some of them robots do look very familiar... we do belonged to the same time zone but I can't name some of them though.. wait... I go get "hubby power" :-)

Anonymous said...

Waa, so many robots, only know some la.

1) Astroboy
2) Mr bubble head? (ha ha)
3) Cyclops or something from Galactica
4) Mr. Data from star trek
5) Plunger bot?
6) Robocop bad guy
7) Dr. Evil's bad guy robot girls
8) no idea
9) Johnny from short circuit
10) I only remember him as being depressed
11) 铁金钢!
12) Megatron

Anonymous said...

How come no bicentenial man there one? And what about Vikki, the robot girl in Small Wonder?

Its a fun list, thanks!

Anonymous said...

1. Terminator
2 & 3. No idea
4. Cylon, Battlestar Galactica
5. Very familiar but can't place it
6 & 7. No idea
8. Austin Powers fe-bot
9. Iron man
10, 11, 12. Again no idea
13. Transformers - Megatron

hmm, looks like my knowledge of robots sucks!! Oh well...

Center Parted said...

Robotboy, not bad at all... way to go!

Center Parted said...

Hi Jay, long time no 'see'. Thanks for responding to the trivia!

Center Parted said...

Sitcom fan, hmm... they may make an appearance in Part 2 still...

Until then, why not give part 1 a try? Oops, too late, trivia over! (heh!)