Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More pix from the Lumix TZ2

In early July, I wrote about the amazing Panasonic Lumix range of compact super-zooms, given the series name of TZ (short for travel zoom).

My friend, AiHua, had since sent me more lovely pictures taken with his TZ2, but I'd somehow overlooked them and didn't post the pictures.... am hoping to make amends today, and in another future post.

Again, thanks AiHua, for sharing these!!

Hmmm... I really must seriously look into migrating to a different template. The current one looks nice but has 2 limitations... (1) the body / main column is too narrow for my liking... as a result, it doesn't do justice to the pictures below (they look too narrow/small!!)... (2) this is currently a 2-column template. Need to look for a good 3-column template that still gives lots of space in the middle for long-ish articles and photos.

Any recommendations, friends?

Macro #1

Macro #2

Max 10x zoom

Sights of Melbourne #1

Sights of Melbourne #2

What a view!! Northern Territory, AU.

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sting said...

agreed.. a 2 column template is not enough, which was why I migrated ... though a 3 column sometimes may not be spacious enough too since the columns need to be squeezed... but I like a 3 column template :-)

AiHua's pic are really cool.. he's got quite a good skill there...

btw, where did you get the pro-biotics powder from? I only got them from the pead before this...

Center Parted said...

You can get several brands from the pharmacist.

We used to use Biolife, which had a decent life culture count (something like 5 billion), but the whole thing needs refrigeration.

There are alternate brands that have been 'stabilized' and don't need cooling. They're all worth a look, for BB's healthy tummy!

libpuritan said...

wow. nice photos. =) i like the last one best. almost out of this world.

Center Parted said...

Hi Liberal Puritan -- wow, what a concept of a name, BTW -- yeah, that last pix was my favourite too.

And you're in luck, I just posted a few more pix by AiHua... and this time its from Russia!