Thursday, August 21, 2008

Malaysia wins the debate!

I know I'm supposed to be off this keyboard and enjoying my holiday sans technology, and certainly without blogging.

Instead here I am, pecking away at these words, and later on, will have to go around looking for an internet connect to post this.

I couldn't help myself -- had to -- after thoroughly enjoying the debate between the ex- and the present CM of Penang this evening.

Often, it is hard to admit it when one is wrong. Even rarer is it when one admits a mistake happily. In an earlier post just after the debate between DSAI and DASC, I predicted that chances are, that would be the first and last debate.

I am so glad that I was WRONG about it. And I HOPE to continue to be wrong in that aspect, and that there will be many more of such debates in the future!

I personally think these debates are great. This gives a public platform for both sides of the political line to air their points, raise arguments and defend themselves. Admittedly, it remains to be seen if such debates will yield any long term benefit to the people. But at the least, the real judges (i.e. we the Rakyat) get to hear the (hopefully uncensored) exchanges and form our own opinions.

A great use of technology to serve the masses!!

BRAVO to the powers that be who allowed the 2nd debate -- keep it up!

BRAVO to the 2 speakers, who, contents aside, showed a very strong command of the Malay language -- they were articulate, fluent and witty in what is obviously their 2nd or even 3rd language.

Hmm... perhaps Bangsa Malaysia may not be a pipe-dream afterall....

So permit me to resume my holiday, and fantasise a bit about that....

2 commented:

Fishman said...

Hey, I agree with you too! I missed the previous debate but I watched the current one. It was indeed "spectacular"! It did enforce my respect for one individual and my disgust for the other.

Oh...and enjoy your vacation!

Center Parted said...

Thanks Fishman!!

Now, you've successfully made me wonder just who is who that you are referring to ... as I think, depending on which sides we take, both would fit either the respectable or the disgusting label!! ha ha ha....