Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Be right back...

Alright... the bags are packed and we're ready to balik kampung.

Well its not quite Raya yet (we're Malaysians, we celebrate *everything*, remember?), but it is the school holidays! So, we'll be headed up North, hopefully for a few good days of R&R and some fun at the beach.

Away from the KL/PJ crowd.... away from computers and the Internet.... and away from blogging for a while.

Should be back in 5 days or so.... and until then, take care y'all, stay well and happy!!

6 commented:

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time! :)

Center Parted said...

Thanks, CC.

sting said...

have a great trip home ya.. and I'm sure you are looking forward to all those yummy food.. slurp! (^o^)

fellow LfH-er

CheeWee said...

got free time, can cross over n sibuk-sibuk attend talks in permatang pauh!!! snap some photos! but make sure take care n dont be be attacked n sodomised! he!he!

Center Parted said...

Hey there Sting!! So glad that you dropped by. Yeah, had a major pig-out ... sorry, I lied ... had a FEW major pig-out sessions this trip.

One really sinful one was the buffet dinner at Rasa Sayang Hotel. Absolutely pamper your tastebuds but trash your waistline.... sinful, sinful!!

You should try it some day! :D

Center Parted said...

Haha ... looks like I missed that one CheeWee.

Have never been so keen on such things... especially lately, where Malaysian Politics have degenerated to such a state where you count your victories on what you tend to lose less, rather than gain.

Its a sad state we're in.