Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Raya fireworks .... well, not really :)

I was kinda hoping to take some fireworks pix during Raya, to post alongside my Raya wishes (see earlier post this morning). But never got around doing it.

Instead, here are some even nicer fireworks pix (taken during the August Malaysian Internal Fireworks Competion in Putrajaya) from Tonny Yeap, who is happily firing away with his Canon 450D. He had chosen a really good spot and well... again, lets have the pictures tell the story instead.

Tony's just plonked some serious moollah on a pair of Canon L lenses!! Hope I'll get to post some more of his pix once he starts snapping with those legendary lenses.

Regretted missing the competition? Yeah, me too!

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sting said...

which is the L lenses? the image stabilizer or some other more changih ones? Canon 450D? coolllllll... I like :-)

Center Parted said...

Yep, L lenses have ultrasonic autofocus motor, image stabilization, and most importantly, ultra low dispersion glass. Its supposed to have class-beating handling of chromatic aberration as good as Nikor's high end glasses.

Reviewers have said that the 450d's kit lens really let down the camera as the chip is capable of a lot more. With this new pair my friend is getting, it should show the full potential of what the 450d is capable of.

For something that's going to cost him RM7k a pair, after negotiating for super steep discounts... it had better deliver! :)

Anonymous said...

the pics are awesome. captured perfectly. i took some few pics of fireworks few days ago but they're all useless i guess. i haven't loaded them yet in my hd. so don't know yet how bad they look. :-)

thx for the comment left at my blog. gee i was just caught by surprise. how uve been lured there...? appreciate the visit though. i've been to kl last yr. not selangor.

Center Parted said...

Hey there Cookie, glad you dropped by!

Yeah, its not easy snapping these pix perfectly.... some tricks of the trade were used to snap these pix -- and no, its not doctoring it with Photoshop! :)

Anonymous said...

great pics! Canon 450D is a great camera

Center Parted said...

Hi there LightspeedHardware, thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you here again soon :)

BTW cool place you have there... with some serious stuff on chips and stuff. Keep it up!