Saturday, June 28, 2008

There... finally!!

Hellllloooo there!!!!!

So here I am... with some hesitation and not much fanfare... typed rather sleepily in the middle of the night (1:41am to be exact)... I have finally started my first blog!

Woo hoo... big deal, I have but joined in the line of another bazillion other bloggers just ahead of me! No Columbus award here but hey, one has to start somewhere, methinks!

Okaaay, just 2 paragraphs into this game and I can't already be suffering from bloggers' block, can I? What was it the beginners' tips said...? Write what you know... be yourself.... have a think first what you want to do with your blog... keep it alive... don't be self nice...

Right, with all these tips stuffed into my brain, its no wonder I'm having trouble getting beyond to the next paragraph.

So I'm going to keep this first post short.

Firstly, many thanks to MG, T, V, AiHua and my blogging mentor, Alex, for giving me your honest and open feedback and suggestions when I asked you what you thought about me starting this blog.

Secondly -- what will this blog be about?
The current thinking is that I'd go into writing about BBTs (big boy toys -- you know, tech-stuff, cars, cameras, watches, games, movies .... just about anything cool and fun in my books).

I am consistently amazed at how those brilliant marketing folks are able to churn out item after item of really neat stuff -- nicely packaged with a healthy dose of oh-now-I-really-have-to-have-one-of-these aura about it. And since I neither have the inclination nor the financial resources to just about buy every one of those cursed things... probably the next best thing is to write about them.

Occasionally perhaps, I may give in to an oddball rant about food ... or the state of this world, if I happen to peek beyond my immediate surroundings. :)

I don't know -- that's the plan for today anyway. Will see how things go. And, hopefully it will be a fun journey for you, me, everybody.

Till then... cheers and take care!

2 commented:

Fishman said...

Hello there!! Welcome to the "dark" side....hehehe. Good job so far!

Center Parted said...

Thanks fishdude. Due acknowledgements to you for your valuable (offline) advice. My regards to Axel as well.